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SCMD: Unable to contact any migration agent - TID2950414 (last modified 30AUG1999)
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2950414 2950414

The following message is continually displayed on the CMD Server.

"Unable to contact any migration agent"
"Searching the network for migration agent"


Make sure you have patched up NetWare 5 Server with Support Pack 3, you will not see this message.


Whenever a CMD server comes up in the network, it searches for any available Migration Agent in the same CMD network by querying SLP. This is done by CMD sending out a request to SLP for service type of MGW.NOVELL. If it is successful in getting a positive response, it connects itself to one of the MA(s) found, and gets service/route information of the IPX network connected to the MA. If the CMD server is unsuccessful in its search for the MAs then it retries the search once every five minutes. Everytime the search is unsuccessful, the CMD server displays the messages :

"Unable to contact any migration agent"
"Searching the network for migration agent"

This is more of an information to the administrator saying that the CMD is unable to connect to any MA in the network. If the network does not have any MA OR if the CMD server is not supposed to contact any MA for service/route information, then this state is fine. i.e., no acton needs to be taken when this message is seen. If not, then we need to get to the root of the problem (eg : configuration, SLP , CMD etc) and take appropriate action.


Apply Support pack 3, this message will not be seen

Document Title: SCMD: Unable to contact any migration agent
Document ID: 2950414
Creation Date: 27APR1999
Modified Date: 30AUG1999
Document Revision: 3
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 4.11
NetWare 4.2
NetWare 5


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