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Configuring DNS for Client32 for DOS/Windows - TID2926517 (last modified 05AUG1997)
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2926517 2926517

This information is asked for during the install. The DNS configuration is stored in the RESOLV.CFG file, which is normally located in the C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\TCP directory. The NET.CFG file should contain a line specifying the path to this file. This line should read "PATH TCP_CFG C:\NOVELL\CLIENT32\TCP" or a different path if the file is not in this directory. The RESOLV.CFG file should contain 2 lines for the domain and nameserver configuration. These lines should read:

      DOMAIN domainname (this should be the name of the domain where this workstation is located)
      NAMESERVER ipaddr (this is the address of the DNS machine on the network)

You may specify up to 8 nameservers in this file. There are several other lines that can be used to specify the search order of multiple DNS's. These lines can be seen in TID 2922760.

Document Title: Configuring DNS for Client32 for DOS/Windows
Document ID: 2926517
Creation Date: 10JUN1997
Modified Date: 05AUG1997
Document Revision: 1
Novell Product Class: End of Life (EOL)
Novell Product and Version: NetWare-EOL
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