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Syscon and Empty Trustee Assignments - TID1006132 (last modified 06OCT1995)
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In Syscon, when a Trustee Directory or File Assignment is made for a user or group, if an assignment of "no rights" is made for the directory or file, the Trustee Assignment may or may not be displayed when the user or group's Trustee Assignments are viewed at a later time.


Empty or blank Trustee Assignments for a directory or file will not show up in the list of "Trustee Directory Assignments" or "Trustee File Assignments" if the directory or file is the only one that has a Trustee Assignment at that level. However, empty Trustee Assignments for a directory or file will appear in the list if a "sibling" directory or file has a Trustee Assignment.

For example, if Group1 has the following Trustee Directory Assignments:


the Trustee Assignment of no rights for SYS:GAMES will not be displayed.
However, if Group1 has these Trustee Directory Assignments:


the Trustee Assignment of no rights for SYS:GAMES will be displayed because a directory at the same level also has a Trustee Assignment.

This situation occurs due to the way the OS handles trustee tables and cannot be fixed in SYSCON. If necessary, other utilities like TLIST and FILER can be used to determine what Trustee Assignments have been made.

Search: trustees, files, users, groups, display, shows, inconsistent, inconsistency, SPD 8723, SPD 39988.

Document Title: Syscon and Empty Trustee Assignments
Document ID: 1006132
Creation Date: 06OCT1995
Modified Date: 06OCT1995
Document Revision: 1
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell Product and Version: NetWare 3.11
NetWare 3.12
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