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Technical Information Document
Key Functions Supported by XConsole - TID10019716 (last modified 29JUN2001)
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Key Functions Supported by XConsole


Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 4.2

Novell NetWare 4.11



The following are the Key Functions supported by XConsole.  All of the Key Combinations listed below are performed in conjunction with the (Ctrl) key.  Example (Ctrl)+a is equivalent to the Alt key if performed at the server's console prompt.

Key Combination Specialty Key or Function

(Ctrl)+? Print XConsole control-key help page for X or VT100/220 mode
(Ctrl)+w Print XConsole control-key help page for X or VT100/220 mode
(Ctrl)+a Alt
(Ctrl)+a+1 F1
(Ctrl)+a+2 F2
(Ctrl)+a+3 F3
(Ctrl)+a+4 F4
(Ctrl)+a+5 F5
(Ctrl)+a+6 F6
(Ctrl)+a+7 F7
(Ctrl)+a+8 F8
(Ctrl)+a+9 F9
(Ctrl)+a+a F10
(Ctrl)+a+b F11
(Ctrl)+a+c F12
(Ctrl)+a+d F13
(Ctrl)+a+e F14
(Ctrl)+a+f F15
(Ctrl)+b Begin (Home)
(Ctrl)+d Down-Arrow
(Ctrl)+e End
(Ctrl)+f Switch Screen forward
(Ctrl)+g Delete
(Ctrl)+h Backspace
(Ctrl)+l Left-arrow
(Ctrl)+n Page Down (Next)
(Ctrl)+o Insert
(Ctrl)+p PageUp (Next)
(Ctrl)+r Right-arrow
(Ctrl)+u Up-Arrow
(Ctrl)+x Exit (Quit Session)
(Ctrl)+z Select a Screen
(Ctrl)+[ Esc
(Ctrl)+ (+)(numeric keypad) Next Screen
(Ctrl)+ (-)(numeric keypad)  Previous Screen

Document Title: Key Functions Supported by XConsole
Document ID: 10019716
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Creation Date: 15OCT1999
Modified Date: 29JUN2001
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