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NW5SP4 installed- now getting C0001001 errors - TID10017305 (last modified 05DEC2002)
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10017305 10017305 10017305

Novell NetWare 5.0

Novell NetWare 5.1


NW5SP4 installed- now getting C0001001 errors


The problem is with Policy manager and NLS.  There is a License connection table.  When a user logs out, the connection table should be updated.  With this problem, the user is not removed from the connection table.  When policy manager goes and references that user, it realizes that the connection no longer exists.  It issues the C0001001 error, and clears the connection.  At this point, the problem is remedied.

One other cause of c0001001 errors on an update is that time is not synchronized.  The handle will be added to NDS with the partition time instead of the current time.  NLS reads the handle in and thinks the handle is stale and removes it.  When the update occurs the handle is gone.  


Novell engineering is aware of the problem. The c0001001 error is purely cosmetic and does not effect logins to the server.

Note: To prevent the messages from being broadcast on the network, do the following:
In NWADMIN right click on NLS_LSP_<server name> and select details.  There is a check box that you uncheck to disable Policy Manager broadcast messages.  Select the Notify tab and make a user assignment.  Only the users selected will received the messages.  If a user is not designated to receive the broadcasts, everyone on the network will receive them.

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Document Title: NW5SP4 installed- now getting C0001001 errors
Document ID: 10017305
Solution ID: 1.0.23218937.2333275
Creation Date: 24SEP1999
Modified Date: 05DEC2002
Novell Product Class: NetWare
Novell BorderManager Services


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